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Weekly Health Related Emails

If you’re serious about taking control over your health…if you’re tired of feeling miserable and believe there’s a fix, then you’re in the right place. There’s so much information (and misinformation) out there it can be difficult to figure out what the right steps are to start feeling better.

Desire To Lead Healthier Lifestyles

In our Integrative Health Clinic, patients come in to see us to regain lost energy and to correct persistent health problems other physicians haven't been able to rectify. That's why our aim is to is to point you in a direction where you experience Health As It Ought To Be. 

Integrative/Holistic Approach

With the world caught up in prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, and misdiagnoses, it's imperative to provide informative information about symptoms a person may be experiencing in order to faciliate a conversation with a medical professional.  

Health Topics Discussed

We cover a wide variety of health related content that includes but is not limited to hormonal imbalances (both men and women), immune support, blood sugar, mental health, thyroid function, digestion, and so much more! 

Educational Content on Supplements

Whether you’re trying to boost your immune system, support your hormones or provide your body with enough calcium, health supplements are an easy way to get all of the important vitamins and minerals your body needs to function healthily.

Healthy Diet Recommendations

Health As It Ought To Be will not recommend a “diet,” at least not in the typical sense of the word. Instead, we believe people should practice logical lifestyle choices over “diets.” By providing information, we help people understand how food you eat can affect how you feel and even determine your total health. 

What is Health As It Ought To Be?

Health As It Ought To Be was created by two physicans, Dr. Weston (Wiggy) Saunders and Dr. Bruce Lantelme, while treating their patients at their integrative health clinic. While treating patients, they both realized their purpose was to help bring people into a life of robust, vibrant health...point those individuals in a direction where they experience…

“Health As It Ought To Be.”

After spending time breaking down what it is that really makes a supplement beneficial, what types of ingredients prove the highest form of quality and what nutrients were in high demand, we have created a line that catered and created an answer for this particular need. 
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